A good praxis and good hygiene habits are essential to keep your tattoo or piercing in top shape. Here below we show you how we do it.

Cartridges, needles and other disposable tools.

Disposable catheters for piercings.

Part of our tools is disposable. They come sealed in sterile pouches and are discarded once the job is done. Then, we dispose of themby placing theminside an officially approved container forpointy or sharpbiohazarditems. All containers are disposed of by a homologated waste management company.

Officially-approved disposal container.

All re-usable tools are dealt with here so they are sterilised and sealed again in sterile pouches.

Re-usable tools. Left, three tattoo tubes. Right, some piercing tools.

Some other instruments are re-usable, and we deal with them in the same way it is done in operating theatres and dental clinics – they undergo a full wash and sterilisation process.

Tattooing instruments placed in the ultrasonic bath device.

Ultrasonic bath device.

first step of the process consists in getting the used instruments in the ultrasonic bath device. There, they aresubmerged in an officially approved soapy biocide and bactericide solution. Then, the ultrasonic bath device producesstrong vibration waveswhich break all thecontaminants. After one or two hours, the instruments are rinsed and let to dry.

Already dry tattooing tools ready to be sealed

Sealing device.

The next step is introducing the tools in sterile pouches. Here is wherethe sealing device comes into the scene. Once this is done, the instruments will be ready to be sterilised - the last step.


The autoclave is a device which puts the instruments through temperatures from 121 °C to 134 °C, in a water-steam environment and under a pressure of 14,503 lbf/in2. During the next 50 minutes, both the steam pressure and the temperature will experience a sharp rise-and-fall pattern, thus sterilising the tools. Our pouches are sensitive to this temperature and pressure process and they are equipped with chemical markers that will change colour in order to verify the sterilisation has been successfully performed.

A clean and ready workspace.

There are elements that cannot be sterilised, like the workspace – this includes table, cables, power unit, tattoo machines and such. For this reason, all these elements are disinfected daily with officially-approved biocide solutions. Disposable items, such as gloves, paper, Vaseline, ink caps, etc.,do come in optimal hygienic conditions. We wrap some of the tools in plastic to make sure they are perfectly clean each time we use them, like the cable, the power unit, the tattoo machines or the squeeze bottle containing the liquidantiseptic solution we use when we make a tattoo.

Clean gurney covered bya new sheet of disposable paper.

Clean, tidy and disinfected piercing &tattooing room.

We disinfect our workspaces daily to maintain the correct asepsis for our work. Gurneys are disinfected with officially-approved solutions and covered by a new sheet of disposable paper in each session.

We use all these measures in order to provide the best hygienic and sanitary conditions and they are absolutely essential for your health and to guarantee that your new tattoo or piercing meets an optimal quality.