During the session the tattoo is wiped clean many times with a soapy, antiseptic solution. Once this process is over, the skin is washed. Then, a special cream is applied and the tattoo is covered with cling film. All these steps will keep it clean and disinfected in the short term, but you must always remember that tattoos are skin surfaces which are exposed to the environment, so they may become the entry point for germs and many other infectious bacteriae. To prevent this from happening, we suggest you follow these easy steps:

First of it all, you must keep in mind that your daily personal hygiene will remain exactly the same as it was before your tattoo was made. In other words, you must keep the same skin care routine as before.

  • The cling film must be kept on for the first 24 hours. However, you will need to replace it three times during this 24h period.


  • The first cling-film change must be done 3 hours after the tattoo was made.



  • Each one of the 2 remaining changes must be done every 10 hours. How should you do it? Simple! Gently remove the old cling film and wash your skin with water and soap.


  • Once you have rinsed your new tattoo, dry it by applying kitchen paper roll on it very gently.Do not apply much pressure and do not scratch your skin!


  • Next, you must apply over your tattoo a thin layer of cream and cover it again with newclean cling film. The best products are Bepanthen® (called Bepanthol® in Spain), Balm Tattoo®, or VEGANTATTOO® among others. There are many products in the market specifically created by tattoo-industry professionals.


  • After the first 24 hour period is over, you can gently remove the cling film. From here on, you will only need to wash your tattoo the way we have described before every 8 hours, and apply a thin layer of cream over it each time you wash it. You must repeat the process of washing and applying cream on your tattoo for the next 2 weeks.


  • After the first 2 weeks, you may find little spots of hard white-like skin. This is entirely normal: just keep on using the cream and be a bit patient!


  • Itching and little skin flakes may appear. This is ok. Please do not scratch your skin where your tattoo is neither touch nor pull up these little flakes. Instead, apply some more cream. It is only normal to have doubts and questions when you have a brand new tattoo,thus we encourage you to contact us whenever you need. If youare still in Almería, popping by our studio is the best thing you can do, so we can have a closer look on your skin.